Social media tactics from The Old Dairy Brewery in Tenterden, Ashford

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This week we brew our way to social media success with social media tactics from The Old Dairy Brewery in Tenterden. Here they share their social media tips with us.

Social media tactics from The Old Dairy Brewery in Tenterden

Q. When did the business get started on social media?

The Old Dairy Brewery is a Microbrewery based in Tenterden, Kent. Born in 2010,  they moved to larger premises in 2014 to brew a range of beers, English bitters and pale ales across the UK. Predominantly the business was B2B, selling its brews to farm shops and pubs. But in 2020 when the pandemic hit, The Old Dairy Brewery in Ashford had to start from scratch during the first lockdown, selling online and becoming active on social media to sell to customers.

The Old Dairy Brewery has been using social media throughout the lockdowns to collaborate with other businesses in the Tenterden and Ashford area to find new B2C customers.

The Old Dairy Brewery teamed up with other breweries to share experiences, and they monitored other businesses to get ideas for their own social media. Through social media, the brewery connected with a local Italian food van so when lockdown was over but before pubs re-opened, they teamed up to create an experience in their garden.

Key takeaway

Social media can help connect you to other businesses in your place that you can collaborate with and will enable you to support each others' businesses. Social media does not just have to be a B2C tool, you can use it as platform for B2B partnerships too.

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