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Case study - 8 July 2019

How inspiring stories drive support on social media

Recently Ovarian Cancer Canada has increased donation rates by 250% through the use of chatbot technology. To lend further support to charities, we...

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Case study - 25 June 2019

Ovarian Cancer Canada launches new donation channel; sees 250% increase in donation rates

The challenge: To celebrate World Ovarian Cancer Day, Ovarian Cancer Canada wanted to build an opted-in audience of new supporters and raise money thro...

Case study - 17 April 2019

How Qoozie’s increased their sales thanks to a Facebook campaign

Comparing Facebook posts and campaigns exactly one month apart, Qoozies, a healthy cafe in Chesterfield selling smoothies and light bites, saw an incre...

Case study - 7 March 2019

How a chatbot helped secure $10million for Ovarian Cancer Canada

This week, the Canadian Government announced $10million for Ovarian Cancer Canada to invest in research for ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is the most...

Case study - 11 February 2019

1,282 engagements for OurChelt in less than 24 hours

Cheltenham BID has launched Light Up Cheltenham for the second year in a row. “We want to bring some colour and fun to Cheltenha...