Make your social media content work harder like H&M in 10 easy steps!

H&M is a staple on the UK High Street. But unlike other fashion brands, the business keeps its social media content light but impactful. H&M’s approach to social media is less is more. The business creates less content but still sees its engagement rivalling that of ASOS, Primark and Boohoo. With its efficient approach to social, H&M sees enviable engagement rates and displays a greater clarity on what resonates with its audience; focusing on making what’s working, work even harder.

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Step 1: What was the business goal?

H&M wants customers to continue to shop online despite lockdown measures. It also wants to stay connected to customers and inspire them with fashion and interiors products that drive engagement and excitement for upcoming product launches.

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Step 2: Telling H&M’s story

H&M’s social media content is kept simple. The business does not post an excessive amount, choosing to stick to two posts per day on average. Through lockdown the business has consistently seen its content rank among the best retailers across the UK, ahead of the likes of Primark, Boohoo and ASOS.

H&M achieves this by sticking to what works for its customers and its brand. Not just another High Street fast fashion brand, H&M is famed for its annual fashion collaborations with designers with a strong focus on  sustainable and conscious ranges. By retaining those messages in its story, H&M remains authentic to the brand and customers know exactly what to expect.

H&M is a great example of a High Street brand that knows who it serves, and it focuses on serving that audience as best it can.

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Step 3: What does H&M want you to do with its social content

H&M wants customers to shop online during lockdown. H&M has a website and an app customers can shop through. The business offers click and collect as well as next day and standard 3-5 day delivery options. H&M gets around not being able to link directly to products from Instagram by ensuring product catalogue numbers are included in its posts.

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Step 4: How does H&M engage with customers

H&M knows how to put its efforts in the right places. It is active on Twitter for marketing messaging but it recognises the channel is a much more effective customer service tool. So it has a separate account for customer service where it can engage with customers on a one-to-one basis with customer service experts who are best placed to handle responses. As a global brand, H&M also serves customers in multiple languages.

One-to-one conversations might mean less reach, but they create deeper relationships and demonstrate that they take feedback seriously.

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Step 5: Who does H&M want to engage?

H&M’s primary customer is a fashion-forward shopper. Yet it also stocks children's wear and home interiors. The business has a line in ethically and sustainably sourced or made products which means the brand enjoys a position of strength for those looking to make conscious choices.

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Steps 6-10

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Key takeaway

Maybe* is here to help businesses use social media to sell to more customers be that online or offline.

H&M are absolute masters at doing less with more. They create on average two posts per day, but they sweat those two posts hard. By knowing what content works the best, the brand is able to be efficient with its content marketing efforts, and avoid creating unnecessary noise or wasting valuable resources and time.

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