Law & Co takes its social media strategy and revenue to the next level with Maybe*

Denise Law, founder of indie fashion boutique Law & Co, caught our attention with her fantastic Instagram stories. Already a dab hand at social media, Denise’s social media strategy was successfully driving engagement with her audience via Instagram stories. Maybe* helped Law & Co launch retargeting ads to incrementally grow her business over just seven days.



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How Maybe* helped

Using the Maybe* Ads Manager delivered Law & Co an additional £17,810.94 in sales over one week from a spend of £765.64. That's a 23 times Return on Ad Spend.

These sales came from customers who had previously visited the Law & Co website but had not purchased.

Using retargeting ads as part of their social media strategy means independent retailers like Law & Co can re-engage already interested customers and successfully sell to them. This objective recovers business independents might have ordinarily assumed they had lost and puts a game-changing amount of revenue back in the till.

See how Law & Co built on its social media strategy to drive more sales

Law and Co social media strategy

“The results have been amazing”

“I’m focussing my attention on doing more through the Maybe* platform. It just makes more sense. You get so much more data and you can analyse your spend.”

“What Maybe* has done in a week has brought so many customers to me that I’d thought I’d lost. My retargeting advert has tracked down visitors to my website and brought me back into their eye line. And we’ve got orders to prove it, so I’m delighted.”

-Denise, Founder, Law & Co

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