Keith Scarrott’s sales spike with a new approach to Influencer marketing

Keith Scarrott, a Cheltenham based, independent, luxury shoe retailer wanted to understand how to better work with influencers to sell their products. Already working with a few influencers, Keith Scarrott wasn’t convinced they had the right fit or that they were getting their money’s worth from their efforts.

Using the Maybe* platform we helped Keith Scarrott identify a new list of influencers who would truly have influence over their audience. We also suggested influencers who weren’t a solid investment and who we felt they should stop working with.

So far:

  • Keith Scarrott has seen an increase in sales of up to 20%
  • Met their ambitious target for online sales in 2018
  • Identified new key influencers to work with, who are helping them already exceed their sales targets for 2018/2019

"Since using the Maybe* platform we’ve seen increases in footfall of 20% to sales and events, it’s now an essential part of my business."

Sophie Scarrott, Owner, Keith Scarrott Shoes

Influencers make up a large part of Keith Scarrott’s marketing strategy. Yet, before working with Maybe*, choosing which influencers to work with was a difficult process.

The Maybe* platform makes it simple to see which influencers actually have true influence over your audience and which will be the best fit for your business or organisation.


Influencer preview

"The platform helps us see which influencers will have a real impact on the bottom line for Keith Scarrott shoes. We’re applying science to an otherwise murky area of marketing - influencers. We’ve seen an increase in sales and we’ve reduced wastage. And we’re only just getting started."

Emerson Osmond, CCO of Maybe*