Keith Scarrott creates a queue down the street for their summer sale

Keith Scarrott, a Cheltenham based independent shoe boutique, launched their summer sale to a queue outside their luxury shop.

Using the Maybe* platform to create an online community of shoe lovers, Keith Scarrott used a chatbot over Facebook Messenger to share details of their sale launch. Thanks to their engaged community, the morning of the sale a queue of shoppers were waiting for the team to open the doors.

To see the results and to experience the chatbot for yourself, visit the Facebook post and add a comment.

I couldn’t believe there were people queuing up outside before we even arrived. The Maybe* platform made this happen by helping me understand who my customers are and how to target them.

- Sophie Scarrott, Owner, Keith Scarrott Shoes

We’ve built a community of people who love the Keith Scarrott brand. We know what they like to talk about and what messages appeal to them. Seeing them queued up outside the shop was awesome.

- Emerson Osmond, Social Engineer at Maybe*