How to get 891 Facebook comments with zero budget

The Brewery Quarter recently announced the opening of Cheltenham’s first Botanist restaurant and bar.

Sharing the announcement on Facebook, their post received 891 comments in 24 hours with no advertising spend.

When people added their comment to the Facebook post, a chatbot launched through Facebook Messenger, which delivered opted-in Messenger contacts and email addresses for The Brewery Quarter. This allows their team to contact these opted in subscribers again and again, with consistently high open and click-through rates.

The final result was a hugely successful event, full of people, and a massive buzz created around the grand opening of The Botanist in Cheltenham.

"The buzz around the opening of The Botanist has been incredible. We are truly the talk of the town. That’s down to Maybe* and the community we’ve built online. The conversations online about The Brewery Quarter and The Botanist are so positive. We’ve seen our audience and engagement numbers grow, which we know has impacted our footfall."

Demelsa, Marketing and Communications Manager , The Brewery Quarter 


Try it for yourself by commenting on the post below.

Engagement for The Brewery Quarter - meaning the number of people who liked, shared, or commented on their content - spiked on the day of the post and in the following days.

This is important because the Maybe* platform has proven a link between footfall and sales with engagement.

Maybe* was able to deliver this with zero budget because of previous campaigns with The Brewery Quarter, which built a list of opted-in subscribers. When shared with subscribers, The Botanist post saw a massive peak in engagement, with over 100 people sharing the post and over 500 people tagging in their friends.  

The Maybe* platform uses AI (Artificial intelligence) to track the emotions of online conversations, showing if the content is positive, negative, or neutral. On the days surrounding the Botanist post, there was a spike in positive conversation around The Brewery Quarter.