How The Entertainer uses their #Squad to showcase toys on social media

With a growing online business, a revamped website and the addition of the Early Learning Centre to its portfolio, we looked to explore how The Entertainer stays well ahead of the retail game.

Maybe* listened to the online conversation created by and about The Entertainer through June 2019. In the final of our three-part blog series, we’re looking at how the brand has run ran their own race and recruited their own online players.

The findings

1) Engage the right audience
2) Consistent brand communication
3) Create a community of influencers

Looking at the detail

The entertainer data


In our last post we explored how the brand is playing to offer a consistent online and offline experience.

The Entertainer has capitalised on the trend for unboxing videos online, by enlisting their own team sheet of influencers. Rather than splashing out on any old YouTube sensation, who may already be working with competitors, the brand recruit from their own customers, including kids. Too cute.

The brand is not only efficiently utilising their marketing budget, but they’re driving results from customers, through customers. Enter the Entertainer Squad.

Let them entertain you

Of the 129 pieces of content, that the brand created, the topmost engaging posts were from…you’ve guessed it, The Entertainer Squad. Turns out the squad are as entertaining as they are.

The key takeway

Focus on what works for you and your customers. Include your customers in your content. Building your own influencers encourages deeper engagement through recognition, and keeps things authentic. With news that Toys R Us will reopen in the US in time for Christmas, perhaps Geoffrey the Giraffe could take a leaf from The Entertainer’s playbook.