How the Brewery Quarter delivered their biggest races ever

During the Cheltenham Races, an annual horse racing event that generates enormous crowds just outside of Cheltenham, The Brewery Quarter struggled to draw the thousands of racegoers into town and into their venue. Visitors simply didn’t know about The Brewery Quarter and, as a result, didn’t bother coming into town.

Maybe* was approached to turn this year’s races on its head and draw thousands of racegoers into the venue every day during the three-day event.

Using a series of highly targeted Facebook posts and engaging chatbots to draw the racing crowds into town and into their venues, The Brewery Quarter saw a massive surge in footfall and experienced their most successful races ever.

“Being able to see the connection between building an audience with racegoers who have never visited The Brewery Quarter before, to having conversations online with them, and then seeing them come into our venue was so rewarding.


We were so impressed with the rate of engagement - the clicks and follow through to sales and footfall far exceed any other marketing channels we use.”

Demelsa Coleman, Marketing Manager, The Brewery 


By breaking the audiences targeted into those who have attended before and those who were likely to attend we were able to target the messages to different audiences’ needs, ensuring results that thrilled The Brewery Quarter.

The results

  • An increase of 269% in their online Messenger contacts
  • An online community of thousands who engaged daily with the chatbots throughout the entire three-day event
  • A highly engaged community demonstrated by the fact that over a series of 29 separate communications across all race days, open rates never dropped below 94% with more than half seeing a 100% open rate

“This is targeted marketing on a different level to anything we’ve ever done before."

Demelsa Coleman, Marketing Manager, The Brewery 

“Competing for footfall during one of the busiest times of the year is tough for any leisure destination, but by building a highly targeted audience of people who may not have been aware of the venue beforehand worked in The Brewery’s favour. With hyper-targeting and personalised messaging, any destination can use Maybe* technology to increase their footfall and be picked over their competitors."

- Emerson Osmond, CCO, Maybe*