How Instagram Stories helped a bridal boutique sell out

Claire Austin England is an independent bridal and accessories retailer based in Torbay. Claire’s most popular service is a bespoke creation for brides looking for their dream, unique wedding accessories.

Claire went fulltime in her business only two days before the first England lockdown and has learned how to use Instagram Stories to create hype around new collections increasing her monthly income and selling out in hours.

Social media tips from Claire Austin England

The Covid 19 pandemic meant weddings have continuously been cancelled and put on hold. Brides have been unable to visit showrooms and had to find inspiration online. Claire had to learn from scratch how to promote her business on Instagram in order to attract the online brides still trying to plan their big day.

Claire got to the point during the second lockdown where she wanted to try something new to build up her income and use social media to do this. 

How did she do it?

“I asked myself, how can I change the paradigm a bit here. I came up with a limited jewellery collection to be sold on Instagram stories, 12 pieces, and I made only between two to five of each item. I’d hype it up for a few days on my Stories and posts, send a message to all of my connections on Instagram, then ones who were interested I added to a list of early birds to add an extra bit of FOMO too. I would release the collection only on Instagram Stories and I have sold out repeatedly in 40 minutes” says Claire.

This tactic more than tripled her income, and now weddings are back on, its something she will be replicating in the run up to Christmas.

Key takeaway

The pandemic has increased the amount of time customers are spending online, and customers from all over the world are looking for inspiration and something bespoke. Instagram Stories is a great platform for you to tease and delight customers and create urgency among your followers.

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