How Innocent blends the juiciest social media smoothies

Innocent has been social media leaders for near on 10 years, so if there are experts to learn from, its these guys. The cheerful, lighthearted drinks brand dabble in current affairs on social media but largely aim to entertain their audience and create a community feel to encourage customers to buy their ever-expanding range of products. 

The Innocent team  keeps its content colourful, fun and engaging, but also has a strong, ethical message that shines through. Their content is a mix of humour, fun and subtle product promotion.

Read on to find out how you can be take inspiration from them and learn how to apply the same tactics, using the Maybe* 10 steps framework.

Step 1: What was the business goal?

Of course Innocent wants people to buy their products, so they post eye-catching, colourful images to tempt customers’ taste buds. But they also want customers to back their charity and ethical agenda.

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Step 2: Telling the Innocent story

Innocent’s story shines through all of their content. They are all about keeping things simple, light-hearted and fun, but with their finger on the pulse of current affairs and getting the perfect mix of product promotion and laugh out loud humour.

They regularly raise money for good causes through their content, as well as spread awareness of environmental and sustainability issues, and promote health and wellbeing. They do all of this in their typical humorous and engaging way.

You can replicate this approach. If you have a charity that you support or social causes close to your heart, ensure that that comes through in your content.


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Step 3: What does Innocent want its audience to do?

Innocent want people to feel good about its content, engage with it and share it. It posts a wonderful mix of one-liners, colourful product pictures and content from other feeds, all within an on-brand tone of voice. A love of animals shows across its feeds and the business shares cute pictures of team pets as well as animal content from other feeds.

The company’s approach consistently motivates customers to engage and share its content.

You can mimic this approach yourself by making things personal and introducing your team members. Help customers get to know the people behind your brand so they feel like they’re sharing and supporting real people and not just a faceless brand.

Step 4: How does Innocent engage with customers?

Innocent knows how to put its efforts in the right places. It is very active on Twitter, generating bags of engagement and conversation through humour, product images and one-liners. One-to-one conversations might mean less reach, but they create deeper relationships and demonstrate that they take customer relationships seriously.

It recognises that Instagram is the perfect place to showcase its colourful products, but also successfully injects humour into the feed too, something that can be tricky to do on Insta. Couple that with some adorable animals, and you’re on to a social media winner.

Innocent gets the mix on Facebook spot on too, sharing a balance of eye-catching pictures and humorous text to get people engaging.

This simple one-line tweet received over 2.6k engagements. How can you do the same? What’s the secret recipe? Post great content, make some of this current and topical and then engage, engage, engage using Maybe* Engage.

Step 5: Who does Innocent want to engage?

Innocent’s customers are likely to span many demographics so they aim to reach a wide audience.

The Maybe* Influencer Report shows them who’s creating the most content about their brand so they can engage with those customers.

You can replicate this by building relationships with the influencers in your conversation via Maybe*. Start by simply liking or sharing their comments, or be bold and dive straight into a conversation.

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Key takeaway

The Innocent team are social media engagement masters. They create about three posts a day, one on each platform, successfully tailoring this content for each. But it’s engagement where they really excel. They work those posts hard. By knowing what content works the best on each platform, the brand is able to be efficient with its content marketing efforts, and spend time talking to its customers online. You can do this too by tracking your engagement and focusing your energy on what’s working then repeating it.

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