How a hairdressing salon is responding to social media challenges

Bijou Hairdressing is a boutique style independent hair salon run by Mandy Rawlings. Mandy opened Bijou in 2008 & has 35 years experience as a hairstylist.  They have battled recessions and 3 lockdowns and Mandy wants other businesses to know “we WILL come through this”, meaning of course, the pandemic. So with this can do attitude in mind, we got talking to Mandy about the social media challenges she is facing.

Maybe* Head of Retail, Donna sits down for a Zoom chat with Bijou Hairdressing and talks all things social media, lockdown, and hair

How is the business using social media?

Mandy runs an independent salon called Bijou Hairdressing based in Newport, Isle of Wight and she is passionate about hairdressing and Bijou has been open for 13 years. Recently the salon has become more active on social media.

Hairdressers have been closed for the best part of a year, but by staying active on social media, Mandy and the team at Bijou are still connecting with clients and customers.

Mandy brings the salon, its stylists and treatments to life across Instagram as her services are visual. But she also makes sure any content created on the gram, is automatically shared across to Facebook.

Tip tip: Auto sharing content between Instagram and Facebook is a quick and easy way to be active on another channel, but not invest too much energy.

How a hairdressing salon is responding to social media challenges

What challenges are the business facing?

Mandy has been challenged to stay active on social media when she has not been able to open. She has invited the team to share their lockdown experiences through Bijou's social content. This helps customers remember the team. Bijou use social media to communicate any news about appointments and re-opening which is a great way of managing customer expectations.

She also creates content around relevant national and international days, and the wider news cycle, but only where it is relevant to her brand or appropriate to do so. Knowing what to post is one of the most common social media challenges.

Top tip: You can find many a calendar of national and international days for you to create seasonal content around. Check out this one.

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