Got a lot on your social media plate? Giuliano Deli Cafe shows you the 10 step recipe you need for social media success

Giuliano Deli-Cafe Putney (also known as Putney’s Little Gem) on Lacey Road is a family-run fresh, authentic Italian deli run by Isabella and her husband Pepe and has served the people of Putney quality Italian dishes for over 20 years.

Using our 10 steps to social media success framework, we show you how they are still feeding Putney locals with hearty Italian food.

Step 1: What was the business goal?

Giuliano’s Deli Café already had a loyal customer base but it needed to engage and serve more customers during lockdown.

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Step 2: Telling Giuliano’s story

In true Italian fashion, Isabella is like the ‘landlady’ of Cafe Guiliano, welcoming every person with a smile (even behind a mask), helping them choose the best option for a lunch on the go or a sit-down meal. 

She recognizes most of the customers coming in, most of whom have been frequenting the deli for years and swear by her stunning Italian fare.

During each lockdown, Isabella has taken the opportunity to learn more about how to make sure she communicates any developments with her customers. She has since started the deli Instagram account and helps other businesses in the area with their Instagram accounts - check out their stories, especially if you are hungry!

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Step 3: What do Giuliano’s want its audience to do

Giuliano Deli Café started out on Instagram just over a year ago. But in the last six months the café has invested in its content and is focused on ensuring that Putney’s residents know that it is still in the kitchen, cooking up a spaghetti storm. The café is ready to welcome Putney’s pasta lovers with a takeaway offering to fill hungry bellies, and Italian groceries up for grabs for those looking to play chef at home.

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Step 4: How does the cafe engage with customers?

Giuliano Deli Cafe is active in the Maybe* platform and has loaded up their social media plate, with a generous helping of local conversations to engage with. These conversations include other independent businesses, the Putney BID - Positively Putney, as well as the local hashtag that local businesses and residents rally behind, #shareourputney.

This gives Giuliano’s a feast of conversations they can engage with to increase their visibility and deepen their relationships with the Putney community.

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Step 5: Who does Giuliano’s want to engage?

The Cafe wants to engage Putney residents, and those from the wider borough of Wandsworth. To ensure they do this the cafe ensures there is a variety of hashtags added to its content to make their social media content discoverable. In addition the content they create highlights the cafe’s personal story, but also whets appetite with expert insight into Italian cooking and heritage.

The approach works as not only does the cafe see customers engaging and commenting on their content, but it also sees other local businesses helping them fly the Italian flag for Putney.

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Steps 6-10

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Key takeaway

Giuliano Deli Cafe are a fabulous example of a business who embraced social media over lockdown, and are constantly learning and improving no matter how many times lockdown throws the kitchen sink at them. They have a lot to say,  a lot to serve, and all the essential ingredients to engage customers.

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