The social media posts for June: lessons from Cineworld, Joules and more

There's so much to be learned from the success (or lessons) of others, particularly when it come to the ever-moving landscape of social media. So, every week we dig through all the data to find the best social media posts. We find this by either using our super clever tech to analyse post engagements based upon likes, comments and shares or every now and again, we just shout out brands that we’ve come across who are doing things a little differently.

Take a look at the best social media posts we've rounded up through June and see what you can learn and implement for you own business. Use the takeaway to shape your strategy and watch your engagement grow, your sentiment soar and so much more.

Joules loves local

Like Lush, Joules is another brand that is localising its approach to social media. Though it has centrally managed accounts, Joules also knows the importance of creating local identities for each of its stores.

Just in time for half term as the sunshine came out, Joules jumped on families escaping their homes for a well earned and much needed staycation.

With a number of its stores located in coastal towns across the UK, Joules used content from its Wellsbeach store to engage its audience. As well as using a local photograph, the brand went one step further and used place hashtags in its posts. This is a great example of a business recognising the role it plays in helping a location grow. 

How can you replicate this technique?

Consumers continue to look for ways to support their local businesses, economies and places. Recognise the places you are located in and the communities you serve in your social media content. You will benefit from the increased relevance and personal approach you are seen to be taking with their customers.


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Cineworld's Oscar worthy social media

Cinemas re-opened on May 17th. In the run up Cineworld drummed up excitement and engagement by asking their followers to let them know what they’d missed the most about Cineworld and the big screen experience. The result was an Instagram feed totally covered in customer content rather than content the business had created itself.

Film lovers are a community and by handing over the content creation keys to its audience, Cineworld’s social media feeds put the customer and their passions at the heart of everything. This approach not only generates thousands of engagements for Cineworld on each post, but also increased the volume of conversation about the brand online.

How can you replicate this technique?

Ask your customers for their opinions about things they are passionate about and they will not only engage, but create conversation about you too. Film content is always engaging, so even if you are not a film related business, ask your followers what they are looking forward to seeing on the big screen, or suggest outfits for a cinema date night, or gifts for the film lover in your life. 

Are you a bar offering shaken not stirred cocktails? Make cinema reopening and the Summer blockbusters work for you. And if you have a local or indie cinema in your place, make sure you welcome back the cinema in your social media content or spend time engaging with them, they’ve been closed longer than many and need your support! Use the #supportlocal tags


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There are more best social media posts to come throughout the month, so watch this space for great examples of social media mastery with great tips and takeaways to improve your social media results. In the meantime why not use Maybe* to check out the best social media posts near you?

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