The best social media posts for August from across the UK

There's so much to be learned from the success (or lessons) of others, particularly when it come to the ever-moving landscape of social media. So, every week we dig through all the data to find the best social media posts. We find this by either using our super clever tech to analyse post engagements based upon likes, comments and shares or every now and again, we just shout out brands that we’ve come across who are doing things a little differently.

Take a look at the best social media posts we've rounded up through August and see what you can learn and implement for you own business. Use the takeaway to shape your strategy and watch your engagement grow, your sentiment soar and so much more.

Supermarket fashion sweep

This week’s best social media post comes from Missguided who announced they will now stock in ASDA stores and on

The post invites followers to tag in friends who need to know that they can now get their hands on Missguided fashion lines in ASDA supermarkets.

How can you replicate this technique?

Regularly tagging in the partners who stock your product keeps customers in the loop with where they can buy you, and an engaging post means your partners are more likely to share content to their own feeds so that everyone's a winner.

Serving local and global communities

Nike continue to spotlight both professional and grassroots community sports clubs and athletes from across the globe. The featured team in this post hail from West London and provide a sporting and community support hub for London’s Asian community, and has done for over century.

With these posts, Nike continues to feature real people who share the brand’s passion for sport and wellness. At the same time they champion global sporting communities in an inclusive way, rather than just focusing on elite performance athletes.

How can you replicate this technique?

Focus on the people who use and delight in your product and services so that customers recognise you as a brand which is for them and includes them.


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Creating social moments

Sometimes social media is at its most powerful when you say nothing, and simply let people talk about you.

Last week Zara put a digital art installation into the shop window of a New York Store that has caught attention on all social media sites. Yet check Zara’s social media pages and there’s no mention of it. Zara keeps its social media branded, fashion forward and editorially led. It has not disrupted its usual social media approach to draw attention to its shop window. Instead it has let passers by capture and share the window, making it a social moment, that now more people will want to see for themselves, capture and share.

The art installation itself captures attention on its own. As a design led brand it feels authentic for Zara to be using their spaces to showcase art or culture, crucially it provides a reason to visit a store that is experience rather than purchase driven.

When designing campaigns you want customers to share or talk about it must have a cool factor, or a FOMO factor. It has to be something customers will want occupying space on their own social feeds. There doesn’t seem to be a request or call to action for anyone to take a photo or share the window, it is shareable and interesting without further intervention from the brand.

How can you replicate this technique?

Whether it’s a big art installation, a photo opportunity in store or a simple social campaign to encourage customers to share a piece of your own content to their social feeds, you must ask yourself why would anyone share this?  Would it encourage more people to want to get involved and do the talking for you? 

The lion's roar

Fifteen months is a long time to not see or collaborate with your colleagues. For the cast of The Lion King at London’s Lyceum theatre, getting everyone together for a rehearsal and table read for the first time since March 2020 was an incredibly emotional experience.

It is impossible to watch this rendition without an emotional response. Whether you smile, laugh, choke up or cry, it is impossible to deny the spirit of this moment. The cast captured the moment and shared it across their social media channels and over a million people have since watched the clip.

This behind-the-scenes post perfectly captures the relief and the joy of the team getting back to work together and getting ready to welcome back theatre goers. It also hits on the mood of everyone who sees it.

How can you replicate this technique?

Don’t worry we’re not about to suggest you form a choir and start hitting the high notes. But this is the perfect post for any business to reshare. It demonstrates the power of emotion and collective experience when you successfully convey that through your social media content. Get on the same page as your customers, be passionate, be excited and be human.


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There are more best social media posts to come throughout the month, so watch this space for great examples of social media mastery with great tips and takeaways to improve your social media results. In the meantime why not use Maybe* to check out the best social media posts near you?

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