Get your lippy on and learn how to best engage the beauty brigade

Get your lippy on and pucker up! The Maybe* Best Post in Place tool allows you to draw inspiration and learn what works best on social media for every retailer across the UK. So, if you are looking to improve your own content and drive better engagement you have come to the right place. We can even show you how to narrow down all those pieces of social content by sector. So without further ado, it's time to freshen up our faces and get Zoom-meeting ready and see how brands have been keeping the beauty brigade looking their best despite lockdown.

What was the best performing post?

The best performing post accolade in terms of engagement on January 27th came from Milton Keynes local nail bar The Hot Blend.

The brand loves a tutorial, an Instagram story, and a well manicured close up on its grid. The colours used on hands are always detailed for its fanatical following. But the real winning finish here is the tagging of not only nail-related hashtags, but also the tagging of all the brands and suppliers featured in the content. What a way to lend a hand.

How to replicate this technique

When creating any kind of 'how to' content, you need to show the finished look. A nice way to build even more engagement especially with makeover content be it for beauty, DIY or even food, is to show 'before and after's, or give people a choice of image to vote for their favourite.

Make sure you tag in any other brand or supplier you have used whether its crediting product makers or the photographer behind your work.

If you are local make sure you use place hashtags, and if you are in a specialist industry, use the topical tags that will resonate the most.

Key takeaway

Knowing the best performing posts in your sector will give you some great ideas about what tips and tricks you need to add to your content that will best engage your audience while showing off your expertise. Encourage more engagement with voting mechanics and make re-gramming easier by tagging in anyone whose products you’ve featured in your post.

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