A taste of the best restaurant social media posts

Maybe* reveals the best restaurants' social media posts and shows you how you can get the recipe for success. The insight shows the businesses in the dining, restaurant and café category who are most successfully engaging customers online, how they are doing it, and identifies the trends that customers are responding to the best.

See what the best of the UK's dining scene are doing and take a generous helping of social media tactics that you can easily replicate for yourself.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver features heavily in this top ten. After a rocky few years due to a cocktail of spiralling costs, a pre-pandemic saturated market and Covid related woes, Oliver’s food and media empire is still going strong.

The Jamie Oliver brand voice is personable, engaging and fun. Pair this with crisp styled images of delicious food and inspiring kitchen ideas and you have a winning social media recipe.

How to replicate

The best restaurant social media posts keep their brand voice consistent and relatable across all of platforms. Try treating your captions like you’re chatting to your customers in real life.


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A post shared by Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver)


Starbucks invented the iconic pumpkin spiced latte in 2003 and some would say it’s not autumn unless you’ve had your first sip. This cult-like following has created a wealth of user generated content for Starbucks to use on their socials. No surprises then to see a quintessentially autumnal Starbucks shot in the top ten.

How to replicate

Do you have an iconic-worthy product or dish you can create a buzz around? Make your signature dish your winning social media move! And if you can, let your customers' images and content to do the talking for you by resharing customers' posts.


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A post shared by Starbucks Coffee ☕ (@starbucks)

SoHo house

Soho House  is the epitome of aspirational luxe in the hotel and dining sector. The boutique chain made our best restaurants' social media cut with this post introducing their new place in Paris. The post created quite a stir on Instagram with over twenty thousand more likes than their average.

How to replicate

Remember to keep your followers in the loop with any new products, dishes, or happenings with your business.


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A post shared by Soho House (@sohohouse)

Natasha's Kitchen

Natasha’s Kitchen is not strictly a restaurant but with home-dining becoming increasingly popular this Facebook post deserves an honourable mention with it’s high impressions and downright delicious recipes.

How to replicate

Tik Tok recipe trends are big at the moment, if you’re a food business then why not give one a go and share it on your social media channels for a tasty and engaging best post.


Much like Jamie Oliver, Ottolenghi has his finger in many pies. His best restaurant social media posts keep it cohesive with a strong brand, interesting, vibrant recipes and sharp images that delight the palate.

How to replicate

Always take your photographs in the best natural light possible and take food styling inspiration from Jamie Oliver, Yotam Ottolenghi and Anna Jones.


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A post shared by Yotam Ottolenghi (@ottolenghi)


Revolution Bar shared a National Food Day giveaway, boosting their engagement and pushing them into the best restaurant social media posts. 

How to replicate

Check if there are any ‘National Days’ coming up that are appropriate for your business and plan a post or giveaway for that day, remember to use the relevant hashtag too. 

St John Restaurant

This post from St. John Restaurant shows that the simple things in life are the best. The ultimate bacon sandwich with a mouth-watering caption is a winning formula here.

How to replicate

Evaluate whether your business has any classic products or recipes it is well-known for and celebrate them. You can even increase engagement by asking your audience to comment with their own ideas on the classics.


McDonalds is one of the biggest chain restaurants going so it’s no surprise to see them cooking up a best restaurant social media post. This Facebook post is celebrating the launch of their hotly-anticipated vegan burger, the #McPlant.

How to replicate

Although the classics are hugely important to your business, new products keep things fresh and interesting for your customers. Social media offers you the chance to get people talking when you offer something new. So actively ask for opinions, and ask our audience to tag their friends to generate discussions.


This post from luxury train, cruise and hotel business Belmond received some high engagement thanks to a party of A-Listers!

How to replicate

Take some photos in the heart of the action to give your customers a feel of the atmosphere in your business.


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A post shared by Belmond (@belmond)

River Cottage

River Cottage has a well-established food based empire with cafes, restaurants, cookbooks and tv programmes under its hat. This post asking their followers to identify mushrooms played to their audiences key demographic and thus created some high engagement.

How to replicate

Know who your audience is and tailor your content to them.


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A post shared by River Cottage (@rivercottagehq)

Key takeaways

  • Aim for the best photography you can with the resources you have, natural light and simplicity are key.
  • Keep your brand voice and aesthetic consistent across your social platforms.
  • Know who your audience is and tailor your content to them.
  • Stuck in a social media rut? Have a look at what your competitors are up to for inspiration.
  • Are you engaging with your audience? Treat your captions like you are chatting to your customers in real life and remember to reply to your follower’s comments to let them know you are present and drive better engagement, it’s a no-brainer.

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